Town House, Tunbridge Wells

This is my house. Over time I have collected a lot of art, sculptures and objects from my trips back to Cape Town where my mother and father live. I dislike mass produced objects, as to me they have no soul. I prefer art to convey or mean something. My father started sculpting and painting just after he retired and my mother used to run a successful art gallery. The picture with the boat in my sons bedroom is painted by him and I have a sculpture that he did in my entrance hall. I have also inherited pieces of furniture like the table in my kitchen which I covered with a zinc top so that I could find a way of incorporating it back into my house, the kitchen chairs belonged to me great uncle and I have a 18th century portrait of a Belgian lady along side portraits of my mother painted by a family friend in my living room. The head board on my bed is made from an old french bed bought for 10 euros, I managed to find some lovely old french beds and bedside tables as well. So in advertently my house has become an eclectic mix of  French, African and English styles and each piece that I have has a story of my travels or of my family and friends. Homes to me should have a personality as they are an important part of our lives and how we live them.